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Noah’s Wife, by T. K. Thorne


Noah’s Wife: 5500 BCE
ISBN: 978-0-9840836-4-0
Author T. K. Thorne
(October 2, 2009)
Chalet Publishers, LLC
$[…], 344 pages

Author T. K. Thorne has created an astounding fictional piece of a character named Na’amah, the wife of the Biblical and historical figure, Noah. Na’amah has been essentially unknown to the western world. Written in first person, Na’amah is a very young girl when she meets Noah, but is noticed because of her special personality. And this is what is revealed to us throughout the book: her special persona. Yet with so believable a story we could actually entertain the idea that it could possibly be true of such a woman. Na’amah is so intricately fashioned, and with such deep thought and sensitivity, that she is fixed in my mind possibly forever. While this novel does not claim to be a historical novel, Thorne has researched enough on the period in history, and the Biblical world and its culture, that she has masterfully created a unique variation on it. In fact, most effectively the characters, geography, period and plot have all been interwoven in such a way that one is unable to let go of the probability of such a story. The characters will live in the reader long after the novel has finished being read.
Audiences from Feminist, Biblical, legal, cultural, and spiritual groups, and from various perspectives and various levels of scholarly analyses will be drawn to this book of epic proportion. I love this story. It was not a page turner for me; otherwise one would miss the subtle nuances embedded in this first-person narrative. I stopped, digested and contemplated deeper meanings throughout the entire book. Tropes and themes abound throughout this wonderfully told story integrated within romance, drama, history, culture, and adventure. There is so much here to fathom, you will not be disappointed. Some reviewers choose to focus on the physical storyline itself, but I think it is important for readers to know what the novel has to offer in the way of meaning and purpose, with spiritual, intellectual and inspirational elements. It is a MUST READ! Everyone has heard of the Biblical story of Noah. But never told like this! Author T.K. Thorne has proven that she is exceptionally gifted in her sensitivity to life, love and loss, and in successfully applying what she knows today from those universal themes to fictional characters, which we come to genuinely love and of whom we wish to learn more.

Reviewed by: L. Nolan-Ruiz, Editor
International Book Cafe

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