Up for Review: “The Roads We Take”

I have met some wonderful people recently. One of those wonderful people I met online, still not a physical meeting, and that’s okay, but we’ve become fast friends because we are both writers and love to write; as well, we have something to say.

Anyway, my friend was in the midst of writing, and I believe he had a writer’s block for a short period, but lo and behold! He cranked that puppy out, and he published his book!

In the shortest amount of time I can muster, while reading about six book at once, I am going to get into this book of his, and I am going to finish it, so I can write a review on it. I’m not sure if he would like me to, but I had decided this myself; a review would, I think, help him keep going, because he is rolling out those doggies!

So please check back here very soon, for the new review of Ethan Edgewood’s book, “The Roads we Take.” I am looking forward to reading it, and I am looking forward to telling you about it. Meantime, enjoy the week, and the coming summer, and watch here for as many books as I can post for review, so you can plan your summer reading.


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