Review: “Bird by Bird”

by Anne Lamott

This is not a fictional novel, but it’s a good read. The author is clever, insightful, deeper than the average layman, and comical at times–sorrowful at others.

The book is written by Author, Anne Lamott, who is depicting a sort of journal/essay, hence a creative non-fiction? Yes. Very much makes one feel like one is traveling with the writer to decipher the moods, the emotions, the many facets of noveling, writing, thinking, comparing notes, and just plain talk about the work and projectile of book making and reading and writing.

I enjoyed this book very much because I felt like Anne Lamott was actually conversing with me intimately about the trials and tribulations of living under such a label as writer and thinker. What the average person does not realize is how much thought goes into a writer’s mind to write, and how much work goes into writing, editing, correcting, inserting, and formalizing a work of art for the public reader.

If you want to be inspired, reflective, cognitive of what you do when you write, read a writer like Anne Lamott; read this book “Bird by Bird.” The name significes an event, but it is a metaphor for each individual and their journey. It’s good for you, and besides: it’s a quick read, as long as it takes to sit with Anne [virtually], have a cup of java or two, chatting at some cafe. Same thing; you and her. She writes like she knows you. She writes like she likes you.

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