Review of “The Guise of Another” by Allen Eskens

Review of The Guise of Another, by Allen Eskens

By Lydia Nolan

© January 9, 2023

Author Allen Eskens has a knack for writing fantastic plots. This plot is no different. Eskens draws a unique character of a cop with prestigious history into a questionable character of criminal corruption. While this occurs, much more happens in subplots. The most intense is that this detective has a brother who is also a detective and is trying to find out if his brother’s truly a criminal.

Alexander Rupert was an award winning detective whose character has since been tainted by questionable activity. He has been subpoenaed by a grand jury on suspicion of corruption. Meanwhile he investigates a car-accident whose fatal victim, supposedly named James Putnam, is not in fact the dead man’s true identity, but James Putnam died 15 years earlier. Further, if Detective Rupert can learn the truth, he may be able to sidestep the grand jury’s pursuit and if this turns out to be a major case he solves, it may be just what Detective Rupert needs to regain his respectability. 

But the investigation puts him in harm’s way. A Balkan wars sociopath called “The Beast” has been looking for Putnam for years. Putnam had something Basta wants. Now, Alexander is in The Beast’s radar, making Detective Rupert’s life in grave danger. To make matters worse, Rupert falls for the dead man, Putnam’s former girlfriend. But Alexander’s big brother and fellow police detective Max Rupert will come to his rescue and into a final showdown. No one ever said Allen Eskens only writes happy endings. He can write tragedy too. 

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