Editor’s Blog

News Flash! Public Muse  Battles Hypocrisy


Once again, I am ‘musing’ aloud:

Oh Hell!!! This isn’t a reflective journal, a “Write of a Lifetime,” no! This is just a thought, splattered in the sea of time, looking for a rock to rest upon. Wilt thou be the rock?

This, here, is an editor’s blog. Allow me to introduce myself: I am the founder and creator of the International Books Cafe, a virtual café of writers, artists, intellectuals and bloggers. Personally this is my formal Public Muse having tantrums because I won’t allow her (meaning ME) to S-T-R-E-T-C-H!!! So Stretch I tell her, STRETCH!!! Hence, my presence here.

I have been a well-behaved young lady all my life. I tried very hard not to write anything that might incite negativity or antipathy. I tried very hard to live without too much rebellion as I did not want my children or anyone else’s children to follow my example… I tried very hard to appear quiet, reserved, and reticent,  for the sake of the rest of the world, for we all are a spectacle unto our peers–you may say it isn’t true, but you are a liar if you do. Therefore, there is one thing wrong: I am terminally ill by Hypocrisy!!

Therefore, I come out of the cold and quiet cave to howl at the moon, throw darts at the stars and dance naked in the sun, (though I loathe too much heat..). But! If I come out of my shell, my hidden cave of safety, my persona of protection, I am afraid I may blow every last one of my friends, family, neighbors, and countrymen and enemies alike, from here to the universal edge of our single solar system; they all will flee my presence and ever make my aquaintance nil. SO WHAT!

And then I stop and think: what makes me believe anyone is even interested in what I am or in what I say or do? REALLY! I’m so full of myself… How impervious of me.

But of whom ELSE can I be full? There lies the “rub.” How can one create characters of various personalities, contentions, disorders, phenomena, and so forth, if one has not been able to experience much more than a very TIGHT circle of human elbow rubbing?

On the other hand, if one has such a creative, or more to the point, an intense imagination, one would most probably imagine what it is inside every person they have ever met. And further, they will probably be correct because being an acutely observant person, in observing the many antics, gestures, vocal and vision movements of every human being met, I have become somewhat of an expert in this field called “human.” This is who I am and I do not care for the need of a certificate or academic scholarship, nor shall I need a degree–I am capable of pulling the plug and causing .

So, it is within my insatiable and curious nature (and imagination) that I rub newly calloused elbows with a few newly calloused folks…in varied economic levels, multi-educational disciplines or cultural extremes, and/or no change at all, or maybe try to communicate with someone who cannot understand my language or I theirs, closed subcultural groups, and people in other distant lands and locations….yes… get the point…you think?

How will I do this you ask?

Well, for starters…I’ve decided I may only have a good twenty to thirty years left to write, and I think it would be a good idea if I start by traveling around the United States, making use of my brain for more than the routine poetry of boredom and depression, and hit and miss real estate rhetoric to those greedy folk who are only looking to get an oxen to pull their labor fore “a lower commission.”

I’m pretty much exhausted of chasing down those who SAY they want my services but who want me to work for essentially what value they place upon my profession: nothing. Never mind the quintessential fees we have to pay out to every friggin’ corporate and social media entity that market and exploit their members (like me). Yes, I’m tired of the … bull.

What is curious (to me) in that poetry I’ve written since I was a teen-aged girl I picked up on the fact that I have always been afraid of anything and everyone, or stepping beyond my bedroom door (am I Emily Dickinson reincarnated?) and question–like David Dukovney–if “the truth is out there.”

Somewhere between voices and gestures, song and prayer, I shall venture there!

While doing this I will be blogging about Mad Hatter Writers, (such as I), as well as structuring a way for public comments through (dare I say?) social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, Discus and the likes of them…I just have to learn how to use them first!

If only I could convince others to team up with me, (that is, if YOU are a WRITER) we can create a similar and responsive blog, a page of our own, that we can say what we want (with the exception to WordPress rules of courtesy and non-biligerence or childish behavior) and we would instigate an open forum of minds to deliver change (or not) in the world–or at least in the Writer’s World. Or maybe someone in our page here, knows how to assemble such a platform for us writers alone…Anyone? Please stand up.

Okay, I’m spent musing…takes a lot of mental energy to muse!

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